A Day at Tokyo Disney Sea

A Day at Tokyo Disney Sea

This video was shot in a vlog style and was in collaboration with Odigo Japan. Tokyo Disney Sea is a theme park in itself’ separate from Tokyo Disneyland. A lot of people have asked what the difference in the theme parks are and which one is worth going to the most.

If you are travelling to Japan for the first time and have time to visit both theme parks, I would recommend doing that (you would need 2 days). If you only have one day to spend at Disney, I would suggest you go to Disney Sea instead. The differences are quite vast. In my opinion, Disneyland is better for children whereas Disney Sea is better for adults. I also think that Disney Sea’s scenary is a lot more beautiful. Both theme parks have their perks, Disney Sea has areas dedicated to Indiana Jones, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Toy Story whereas Disneyland has Pirates of the Caribbean, Cinderalla, Starwars to name a few.

Before going to any of the Disney theme parks in Japan, I highly recommend you buy the tickets beforehand so you don’t have to line up when you get to the park. (There have been times where I didn’t have to line up at the parks to get tickets but there have been times where I was standing in line for 1.5 hours). You can get the tickets at any of the Disney stores around Tokyo. Another tip is to get fast passes. To get fast passes you typically have to get to the theme park early as they do run out. They are free of charge if you can get one. You go to the ride, scan your Disneyland or Disney Sea ticket and you will receive a ticket with an allocated time on when you should come back for your ride.

In the above video I showcased the different areas you can visit when you go to Tokyo Disney Sea. I hope others have found it helpful!

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