Summer Festivals in Japan

Summer Festivals in Japan

Kim Dao at a Japanese Summer Festival

This video was in collaboration with Odigo Japan on the Kim Dao Youtube Channel.

Kim Dao at the Azabu Juuban Festival

Japanese festivals are very popular in the summer time in Japan. This video was shot in a “Get Ready With Me” style as I got ready for the Japanese festival in Azabu Juuban. Girls usually dress up in the traditional Japanese Yukata in the summer time. I was lucky enough to own one which was previously gifted to me. Even though a Japanese festival is a great excuse to be able to wear a Yukata, if you don’t own one you don’t have to turn up in one! For those who are wanting to buy a Japanese Yukata, in the summer time may stores sell them, most Don Quijote (they are usually in big neighbourhoods) sell Yukatas for decent prices. It is a bit of a challenge to put one on yourself, however there are Youtube videos showing you how to do it step by step.

At the Japanese festival, I walk around and show what you are able to do there. It is free to attend the festival and the roads are all closed off for the public. Typically at a Japanese festival, there are a lot of stores selling a wide variety of street food. Im this video, I try out a variety of different foods from different countries. There is also a lot of entertainment as well as games at a Japanese summer festival. Some festivals even have fireworks that you will be able to enjoy. Festivals are typically held around July-August every year so if you are in Japan during that time. Definitely research to see if you’ll be able to catch any of the summer festivals!

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