A Day with a Japanese Farmer & Organic Food in Japan

A Day with a Japanese Farmer & Organic Food in Japan

A Day in Tokyo with a Japanese Organic Farmer

This video was in collaboration with Tabica on the Kim Dao Youtube Channel.

Tabica offers many different tours such as a day with a monk, dining at a farm, a day with a bushido master, a day with a soba making master and so on. They offer these tours as tourists will be able to experience Japan through a Japanese lifestyle. You will get to experience first hand things that people wouldn’t usually be able to experience in Japan. You will also have a translator so you will be able to understand and experience each tour to the fullest.

I chose the “Dining at a Farm” tour as I was very interested in trying out some organic Japanese food. I started off the day by meeting at the Tabica office in Harajuku. It was just located off in a small street in Takeshita Dori (the famous Harajuku fashion street). From there Tabica drove us to the location which was about 45 minutes away from Tokyo. We were introduced to Kinoshita-san who owned the farm.

We went picking for the vegetables which are all organic. Kinoshita-san then proceeded to make us a delicious lunch as we talked for hours. We learnt a lot about each other and we found out that his dream was to create cross cultural communications with his farm. It was a great experience that I am very glad to have done.

After the tour Tabica drove us back to Harajuku where we were able to enjoy the rest of the day exploring. I really enjoyed the tour as I felt that I was able to connect and learn different things from different Japanese people. It is something that I rarely got to do and would’ve been hard to set up myself.

Thank you Tabica for the great experience! It is definitely one that I will never forget!

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